• I wholeheartedly agree with the recent letteraddressing Law Journal political bias. Over the last two years I see, for the first time in my 45+ years of practice, a political slant to the Law Journal. And it is particularly disturbing.
  • You are cloaked with government imprimatur as being designated the repository of court calendars and opinions. It is not your job to opine on the merits of politics, and I view your assumption of such a mantle as a gross usurpation of authority.


  • It may surprise you, but there are not an insignificant number of attorneys who do not agree with your political philosophy, and this is not a recent problem. As was pointed out, your headline last week identifying a malfeasor as a former Trump worker added nothing to our knowledge of the law, but was merely a gratuitous poke in the eye.
  • The OCA’s exclusion of ICE agents from our courthouses was nothing less than the willful obstruction of the administration of a lawful order but the Law Journal acted as though it were the Emancipation Proclamation. Cries of “sanctuary” rang true from Victor Hugo, but, as you well know, have no meaning in law. I don’t read the Law Journal for your political opinion on the social structure. I read it to learn about the law, and you’re not doing your job. A response to the legal community which you serve is in order.
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