Through both its transactional and litigation practice, The Landau Group has represented and facilitated the economic and personal benefit of its individual and corporate clients’ interests both domestically and abroad.  The attorneys experience and expertise in the areas of Healthcare and Compliance, Real Estate, Business Law, Contract Negotiation, Deal Formation, Litigation and Media and Entertainment; coupled with the formal business education of its managing partner to create a unique culture, has enabled our firm to not only serve its clients as rigorous, determined legal advocates, but sensible, strategic business advisors as well.

Our approach is as comprehensive or specific as the clients’ needs, resources and objectives suggest.  As such, we dispense of the formulaic and routinely work with all divisions of a business or integral members of a family, to create a unified, fluid system intended to alleviate the burdens of inefficiency and stresses of internal dissonance.  Regardless of the purpose or challenge presented, we address each issue with the diligence required to enhance our clients’ position, protect its rights and satisfy our obligations as their trusted confidant.

The Landau Group has prided itself as being a primarily referral based firm.  It is with this constant devotion to our clients that we have the privilege of careful client selection to provide the personal, accessible and custom skill set that is simply unrivaled.


As the nation renews debate over gun control, the Supreme Court must decide whether to press ahead with a Second Amendment case it has accepted for the coming term, its first in a decade. Gun-control groups operate under a no-news-is-good-news approach to the Supreme Court, leery of giving what they view as a strengthened conservative…

Jeffrey Epstein’s estate is likely to be hit with a barrage of lawsuits on Wednesday when a new law in New York state goes into effect. The “Child Victims Act” gives people a one-year window to sue over for sex abuse damages, regardless of when the alleged acts happened. In addition to that the law…

LONDON — Alongside a stream of condolences from foreign governments following mass shootings in Texas and Ohio over the weekend, leading international newspapers warned about the threat posed by growing white nationalism in America. While the motive of the man who killed nine people in Dayton, Ohio, is still unclear, the alleged shooter in El…


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