Welcome to The Group

Through both its transactional and litigation practice, The Group has represented and facilitated the economic and personal benefit of its individual and corporate clients’ interests both domestically and abroad.  The attorneys experience and expertise in the areas of Healthcare and Compliance, Real Estate, Business Law,  Negotiation, Deal Formation, Litigation and Media and Entertainment; coupled with the formal business education of its managing partner to create a unique culture, has enabled our firm to not only serve its clients as rigorous, determined legal advocates, but sensible, strategic business advisors as well.

The firm has represented and facilitated transactions in many jurisdictions of the country, as well as having performed services on behalf of clients either located or conducting business in a variety of countries such as Australia, Amsterdam, China, Dubai, U.A.E., England, France, Dominican Republic, Shanghai, Indonesia, Italy, Philippines, St. Thomas, Singapore and the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico.

The Group has prided itself as being a primarily referral based firm. It is with this constant devotion to our clients that we have been able to select each client carefully and provide the specialized comprehensive skill set that is simply unrivaled.